"You'll laugh at your fears when you find out who you really are" - Piccolo

Hello! My name is Lalith (lah-lith). I am currently a Software Engineer at Canvs and was a graduate student at The University at Buffalo sometime back. I love computers and have good experience developing applications that run on them with a particular interest in data engineering. I am a fan of minimalistic design and I strive to simplify things around me. Some of my other interests include movies, soccer, music, quizzing, traveling and hiking. Feel free to browse around. Thank you!


2017 /March - Present
Senior Backend Engineer

Having joined full-time after my internship, I have continued to develop Canvs' DaaS offering along with their micro-services endpoints. I also play the role of a data-engineer creating data pipelines to ingest data through Storm, Kafka, Spark, ElasticSearch and Vertx.

Canvs is the only qualitative social platform to track emotional metrics and audience behavior. It is based in New York City.

2016 /May - 2017 /Jan
Backend Developer Intern

Interned at this SaaS analytics startup that tracks emotional metrics across all forms of data. I develop their DaaS API opening up new avenues for brands and networks interested in multi-faceted emotional data. I engineer multiple RESTful endpoints using Java and interfacing with MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, Kafka and Storm.

Canvs is the only qualitative social platform to track emotional metrics and audience behavior. It is based in New York City.

2015 /May - 2015 /Jul
Software Developer

I was a part of this startup which focused on selling personalized jewelry. I worked on Python, Blender and various JS libraries while I was here. I had evaluated various technologies like OpenGL, Blender, Pillow, Sprite-spin and Three.js to create a custom 3D modeler for We finalized an optimum solution using Blender, Sprite-Spin and hosted on Flask.

Augrav is a Krizda India Pvt Ltd venture specializing in personalized jewelry.

2014 / Dec - 2015 /Jul
Software Developer

This New York based startup dealt with social media analytics. I worked on Java, Struts, JavaScript libraries, Hadoop and Cassandra during my role as a Software Developer. I redesigned the consumer facing web application using Bootstrap 3 and Struts with the inclusion of a data visualization module for marketing analytics. I reduced the average response time of the application by over 20%. I had been part of a two-member team that upgraded the distributed system cluster used for the processing of real-time media data from Hadoop 1 to 2 by rewriting and optimizing a number of MapReduce jobs. I had solved critical-production issues that occurred in the distributed database system.

General Sentiment Inc.was a Long Island based Data Analytics company.

2012 / Aug - 2014 / Nov
Software Engineer

I was a Software Engineer in the OSP Engineering domain of Verizon Communications Inc., the telecom powerhouse. I worked on Java based enterprise web applications as a Full-Stack developer. Applications had to be migrated, upgraded and occasionally built from scratch. I modified and optimized code for merging multiple databases, automated a manual spatial process and was involved in flat file to .dgn migration. I was part of discussions on a web application based on Esri's ArcGIS and Spring. I built the application base using Spring and coded multiple modules in Java and jQuery. I also developed spatial web modules using Oracle Spatial and ArcGIS (built on top of the Dojo framework using REST API endpoints). I had fixed 300+ bugs and was presented an Ovation award for my efforts. I also mentored a small team of new joinees close to the end of my tenure.

Verizon's Software Development Center operates out of India in Chennai and Hyderabad.


OS/161 Kernel Hacking

Operating Systems

Neural Nets and Support Vector Machines

Machine Learning

Mining Soccer Data

Data Mining

EDA and Parallel Processing

Data Intensive Computing

Incident Search on Twitter

Information Retrieval

Formal Specifications of Algorithms

Distributed Systems

Programming Paradigms

Fundamentals of Programming Languages

Tweet Indexer

Information Retrieval

Visual Speech Synthesis

Speech to Text & Image Processing


Java Python SQL Scala JavaScript
Frameworks & Tools:
Elasticsearch MongoDB Vert.x Spring Kafka Storm TLA+ Shell Vim GDB Markdown HTML/CSS Git


Master of Science in Computer Science

Graduate Studies with concentration in Software Systems

  • Distributed Systems (CSE 586)
  • Information Retrieval (CSE 535)
  • Fundamentals of Programming Languages (CSE 505)
  • Algorithms for Modern Computing Systems (CSE 529)
  • Machine Learning (CSE 574)
  • Data Intensive Computing (CSE 587)
  • Operating Systems (CSE 521)
  • Topics in Data Mining (CSE 706)
  • Machine Learning and Big Data (CSE 740)
  • Languages and Runtimes for Big Data (CSE 662)
2015 / Aug - 2017/ Jan
Graduate Student

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science & Engineering

Undergraduate Studies

Relevant Coursework
  • Fundamentals of Computing and Computer Programming
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Data Structures
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Probability and Queueing Theory
  • Database Management Systems
  • Computer Organization and Architecture
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Networks
  • Java Programming
  • Internet Programming
  • Open Source Tools and Components
  • Data Warehousing and Data Mining
  • Compiler Design
2008 / Aug - 2012 / Apr
Undergraduate Student


I'm a good conversationalist and always on the lookout for exciting opportunities and discussions. If you want to talk with me, hire me, catch soccer or grab a coffee don't hesistate to call or send an email.